Soft pack float treatment

Close your eyes and enjoy the lightness of being.


Your body floats in a soft pack tub while your skin is pampered with a wrap of pure natural products. The warm cover makes the skin absorb the special components even better.


Choose your personal soft pack experience!


  • Hay float
    We bed you in mountain hay from the Stoder valley. The healing effect of mountain hay has been known for centuries and become tradition. The essential oils have a positive effect on your whole body.
    stimulates circulation, relaxes muscles, detoxifies and strengthens the immune system
    25 min à € 38,00


  • Moor mud float
    The use of warm medicinal mud helps relieve sore muscles and joints.
    25 min à € 38,00


  • Evening primrose oil cream float

    Recommendable for very dry skin (also suitable for neurodermatitis and psora)

    Prevents the process of premature ageing, helps with cell renewal, invigorating, nourishing and hydrating
    25 min à € 42,00


  • Alpine herbs cream float

    Balancing, pleasant, mood-lifting cream wrap. Gently activates your body’s self-healing power.

    Very popular for men!
    25 min à € 42,00


  • Orange blossom cream float
    An intense, moisturizing cream wrap which leaves your skin soft and smooth.
    25 min à € 42,00



Add-on recommendation to our soft pack float treatments:


  • Full body peel
    The body scrub gently removes dead skin cells. The massage glove it becomes an invigorating experience.
    25 min à € 32,00


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