Have fun cleansing and detoxifying your body!

Algae wrap „Thalasso“ 45 min. € 58,-

Mineral nutrients and micronutrients regenerate the body, get your metabolism going and simply give you a comfortable feeling.

Draining, detoxifying, skin-nurturing, healthy

Peel, algae wrap, aftercare

TerraVit – Full body detox wrap 60 min. € 98,-

When bad eating habits and environmental influences overburden our body, waste products deposit between fat cells. Natural substances like minerals, salts, healing earth and soil extracts detoxify, deacidify and purify the body. The lymphatic system is activated and the elimination of waste products is supported. Tissue is being cleansed and tightened. Already after the first treatment your waistline will be measurably reduced. Terravit is also an ideal starting point for other body wraps or purifying spa treatments.


Add-on recommendation: fruit acid peel € 11

Volcano wrap 45 min. € 65,- (3 Behandlungen € 175,-)


For cleansing and purifying your body as well as reducing your waistline. This wrap combines volcanic lava clay powder and Chinese healing earth with bioavailable salts, spirulina algae and botanical extracts – a great pleasure indeed. Highly effective substances help rid the body of toxins through metabolic stimulation.


China wrap 45 min. € 65,- (3 Behandlungen € 175,-)

Highly effective for cellulite and fat pads. Chinese healing earth is blended with 19 mineral nutrients, micronutrients and fresh algae. A China wrap improves the silhouette of your body, regulates your acid-base balance, absorbs toxins and tightens the skin. Fresh algae stimulate metabolism which results in reduced weight and waistline – Chinese healing earth detoxifies and purifies the tissue.

Aroma wrap 45 min. € 52,- (3 Behandlungen € 135,-, 5 Behandlungen € 200,-)

Effective method for reduction of body volume and stimulation of lipometabolism; cleansing and detoxification of the body, stimulates blood circulation, tightens tissue, fights cellulite – pleasant wrapping method with cotton bandages.


The method is based on a warm-cold-effect similar to kneippism. The essences in combination with a special way of wrapping cause purification and detoxification of the body, leaving your skin feeling firm and tautened.


Leg relief treatment „Cool Down“ 25 min. € 38,-


For tired, heavy legs with insufficient circulation. Leg wrap with seaweed, seawater, chestnut, gorse and menthol). Aftercare with ice waves.

Infrared therapy for beauty and health € 48,-


Infrared waves are gentle, stress-relieving, and penetrate even deeper layers of tissue. The treatment alleviates muscle and joint complaints, circulatory disorders, stimulates fat burning, increases energy consumption, reduces weight, acts detoxifying, cleansing, relaxing, gives comforting warmth.

Extra charge for add-on treatments € 18,-

  • cellulite “abs, legs and buttocks”
  • detox “Thalasso”
  • tautening “active lift”

Packages “Body Styling”

Body styling „TerraVit“ € 270,-

  • 1 TerraVit full body wrap
  • 1 volcano wrap – for tautening
  • 1 China wrap – for detoxification
  • 1 Ballancer treatment
  • 1 infrared therapy

Body styling „Volcano“ € 210,-

  • 1 volcano wrap
  • 2 aroma wraps
  • 1 Ballancer treatments
  • 1 infrared therapy

Body styling "Thalasso" € 185,-

  • 1 algae wrap „Thalasso“
  • 2 aroma wraps
  • 1 infrared therapy

In order to support all „Body Styling“ treatments you should keep a healthy diet (maybe insert a “vegetable day”), drink sufficiently before and after the treatment and get a lot of exercise. Treatments are recommended 2 to 3 times a week – for intensive treatments daily.

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