The Ballancer® is a professional device for deep tissue and connective tissue massages. Can be used on the entire body (legs, stomach, buttocks and upper body) for beauty, wellness, sports, weight loss and regeneration. Visible and tangible results after just a few treatments, as well as positive effects on an aesthetic body image and health. Increase effectiveness with regular exercise and a healthy diet.


During the extremely relaxing lymphatic massage, air is introduced into the chambers of compression pants or jackets in different cycles. This creates wave-like massage movements that accelerate the flow of lymph and venous blood so that metabolic end products can be removed from the tissue and excreted. In this way, the Ballancer contributes to vitalizing your entire orangism, as well as balancing the acid-base balance.

Effective treatment method


  • cellulite
  • Fat loss in problem areas
  • harmonious body shaping
  • Relief for heavy legs and edema
  • Muscle relaxation after sports activities
  • Relaxation & Stress Relief






  • Ballancer "classic"
    Muscle relaxation legs for regeneration
    Cellulite with spider veins for circulation
    Swelling, thick legs to drain edema
    Sports and regeneration (weak, medium, strong muscles)
    25 min à € 35.00


  • Ballancer "special" 
    Invigorating for the legs body styling Relaxation & Stress Relief after pregnancy (decongestion and spider veins) Cellulite for arms or legs Cellulite edema intense
    40 min à € 45.00


  • Ballancer "special" 
    Lymph program deluxe - for arms or legs
    50 min à € 58.00

When booking, please let us know whether the upper or lower body should be treated!

The respective programs can be coordinated with the wellness staff directly at the beginning of the treatment. Clothing: light leisure clothing or bathrobe.

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