License to hike

"License to hike" -Wanderführerschein
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A driver's license of a special kind. With our hiking to get to know the nuts and bolts of hiking. Make new experiences on the mountain and feel secure. Dates can be found at 07564 5268 or call the hotel reception.
How are walking?
That was a question of people from Berlin who had never been in the mountains. Those who do not ski is still down, makes a ski course. If you want to learn cross-country skiing, making a cross country course. And who's never wandered, can now at the hiking hotels - best alpine a "license for hiking" purchase. It's not just about the practical tips about hiking as route planning, proper equipment, meteorology or orientation in the mountains, but also about the art of slowing down, of leisure while hiking.
The (small) art of walking
This is the conscious perception of the moment, or confine it to arrive at the top or in between. Who walks with open eyes and ears through the countryside, more out of life and feel the joy of movement in nature.
Safety on the mountain
It is also about the health and safety aspect, so long and short hikes succeed. Put one foot before the other, step by step approach the target and always be on the safe side. The A & O hiking starts with a good tour, the assessment of their own forces, the right equipment, a look at the weather maps and optimal food.
The peregrine license
This, the introduction to the healthy natural movement and walking also successful, we offer you this summer on the hiking license for beginners and nature lovers. A special hiking is an unforgettable experience in the mountains. As Mark Twain said:
"The secret of advance is to take the first step."

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