Hiking service for our guests

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We are competent partners for your mountain hiking experience. We love to go for hikes ourselves and invite you to join us.


Guided hikes

Every week we take you on adventurous mountain hikes, nature study trips and unhurried hillwalks. Our mountain guides are experienced and qualified (usually it is the boss himself). Appointed times are announced in the hotel on the evening before the hike.


Hiking info center

In our info center you can find all hiking maps, field guides and wildlife books you may need for your hiking vacation here in the Pyhrn-Priel region.


Guidance on selecting and planning a hike

We can give you advice on which hiking tour to choose according to your taste and experience. We also offer corresponding maps.


Hiking taxi & hiking bus

We take you to the railway station or pick you up when you go on trips and excursions. For longer drives we can arrange for a minibus.


Equipment and outdoor service

Complimentary rental of:

  • backpacks
  • hiking poles
  • thermos flasks
  • snowshoes

Complimentary use of:

  • Hiking info center
  • Shoeshine station / well
  • Shoe drying room

In addition we sell backpacks, hiking poles, water bottles, hiking clothes, foot balm and skin creams at favorable prices.


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